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Takis Hot Nuts 3.2 oz.


Product Description

DOUBLE CRUNCH: Fiery flavor and double crunch technology in one bite. Hot Nuts are roasted, coated, fried and seasoned to fiery, crunchy, spicy peanut perfection. FUEGO FLAVOR: Every fire starts with the perfect ingredients. Hot chili pepper and lime flavors give these hot peanuts some bold and spicy zing. Are you ready for some serious heat? ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Satisfying, nutritious snacking on the go. Grab a snack size pack of double crunch spicy nuts to curb your cravings when you’re out and about TAKIS HOT NUTS: We believe in snacking harder. Get ready to heat things up with each unique, spicy peanut bite delivering an explosion of heat and flavor! HOT & SPICY NUTS: Crunchy, spicy peanuts with hot flavor - Spice up your life and Challenge your taste buds with Takis Hot Nuts – what’s the hottest you can handle?

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