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Cubin Goma De Mascar (Chewy Bubblegum) Assorted 100 pc bag


Product Description

One of the most beloved Mexican treats: De La Rosa Cubin Chicle! This flavorful Candy gum comes in the form of a unique, squared shape, containing all the delicious, fruited flavors inside a perfect takeaway presentation. What can you love more as a kid than the sweetest, gummy Chiclet! De la Rosa brings all the most enticing fruited flavors together with a pack of soft and chewy bubble gum! Just by opening the Cubin Chiclet package, you will release all the fresh, tropical flavors from inside the delicious De la Rosa Mexican Candy. A mixture of the sweetness of the fruit and the traditional Mexican seasoning. It will definitely make your mouth water! Even more, just when the Candy gets to your mouth, its soft texture will combine with an unexpected, juicy consistency, making it one of the best Mexican chewing gums on the market! It will definitely be the perfect treat for any children or piƱata! Even for social meetings, this snack has no age limit! Buy it, and you would not regret trying this Candy! Calories: Servinf size 1. Calories 25. Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, gum base, artificial flavors, artificial colors, (Red 40, yellow 5, blue 1) Shipping Weight: 21.16 Oz Producer: Dulces de la Rosa

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