Select your preferences below. Choose from Candy/Snack boxes or Pan Dulce boxes

Mexican Candy Liker

An assortment of 10-15 Mexican candy, sweets, and snacks. Great for starting out. Will include up to 1lb of candy!

Mexican Candy Lovers

An assortment of 22-30 Mexican candies, treats, and sweets! (MOST POPULAR) This is our NEW & IMPROVED box and will ship via Priority 2-3 day and include extra small candies sprinkled throughout the mailer It will now include MORE candy per box - up to three pounds!

Kings Box (Extra Large)

The Kings box is our largest subscription option. You will receive an extra large box filled with ultra premium snack items that are hard to find! Each box will contain 14-20 large Mexican snacks/treats. This big box makes a one of a kind gift.